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The latest information on how to use the technology that runs the web — HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. is a work in progress. We could use your help in making it better. Join us.

Created by a powerhouse coalition. And you.

Web Platform is a project of the W3C and the Web Platform stewards — Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera. It’s a collaboration between those who make the specs, those who build the browsers, and developers from all over the world. Wanna join us?

Open. Free. Crowdsourced.

The web exists because of the open generosity of those who invented it. We share those principles: that by coming together and collaborating, we can make something great for the world to use for free. Web Platform is not run by a single corporation, or a single person. It’s by and for us all. Anyone is welcome to help write and edit the documents. Join the effort.

Web Platform to Go.

Need web technology reference docs for your project? Contact us about our API.

Creative Commons.

You can reuse the content on this site, for any purpose — commercial or not — as long as you provide attribution.

The Docs

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Share Your Knowledge.

Help make the Docs better.

We need volunteers to create Web Platform Docs. You can help by fixing errors, rewriting drafts, or contributing new content. Even the slightest effort can have a big impact. Please help us make this documentation better.

Current Push: JavaScript.

Anyone is welcome to propose improvements of any kind at any time. If you have an idea, jump in! That said, we have teams focusing on specific sections of the site together to gain momentum and get that section done. Right now, the team effort is focused on JavaScript.

We just finished importing a rough beginning of JavaScript docs, and started a big push to rewrite & approve each of the 360 pages. If you know JavaScript, we could really use your help. Join us by taking the following three steps.

Step 1: Get an Account.

Anyone is welcome to make changes to the pages on the docs pages. First, clone the docs GitHub repository using Git. To push your changes, you'll have to have a GitHub account, fork a repository, and make a Pull-Request.

Step 2: Make a Change.

Do you see a mistake on a page that needs to be fixed? Something that can could be written better? Information that's inaccurate or old? Well, jump in — go ahead and change the page. Really. Just fix it. We need lots of people contributing more than we need perfection.

You can make mistakes there without hurting anything.

Web Platform Docs currently uses Markdown and Git as source MediaWiki, the same software that drives Wikipedia. If you are trying to format something, this syntax cheat sheet might be helpful.

Step 3: Join the Group Email List and Introduce Yourself.

Next, sign up for our group email — the place where everyone who's involved talks to each other. Join the list by emailing an empty message with the subject “subscribe” to from the email address you'd like to use.

Once you are on the list, please email the group and introduce yourself. Who are you? What would you like to contribute? Are you unsure of what to work on — that's fine. Reach out to us, and we'll be happy to find something for you. Do have have a suggestion on how WPD can be better? We'd love to hear it.

You can read the archives and learn more about how the email list works  here.

Now what?

Keep Up With the Latest.

Write with the Web Platform Wednesdays crew.

“Web Platform Wednesdays” is an effort to organize who’s doing what over the next week. This small group focuses together on editing one particular section of the site, to gain momentum and get that section done. If you'd like to be involved, email the group and volunteer.

Attend (or Host) a Doc Sprint.

A great way to join the effort is to attend a doc sprint. Organized by different people around the world, a doc sprint gathers a group of people in one room, face-to-face, to spend the day writing documentation. The sprint organizers can help you get setup, walk you through the process, and show you where to start.

If you are interested in organizing a doc sprint in your area, email the group and let us know.

Create Something New.

Do you have an idea for a new section on the site? Do you know a web standard specification that needs to be documented, or want to add a new tutorial? Or perhaps you want to add one page to the site. Email the group, and we will help.

Chat with Us.

To talk to folks in real time, perhaps to get a faster answer to a question, jump into our public chat room. We are using IRC — a type of chatroom that's older than the web. We have a dedicated chatroom (called a “channel”) on the IRC network Freenode.

Server: Freenode (
Channel: #webplatform

Please feel free to enter the IRC channel anytime, and just start talking to whoever is there. You can connect through an IRC client (standalone software) or this web interface. Here’s more on how to get started.

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